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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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This section collects the most frequently asked questions and related answers. We are happy to answer any further question that you may have: in all such cases please do get in touch. All our contact details in our
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How long before our date should we reserve our photographer?

In a word: asap! We recommend to book your wedding photographer as soon as possible, ideally at the same time you set your date and book the venue. Sure, there are tons of photographers shooting weddings but as it happens with restaurants in great cities: there may be thousands, but the good ones are booked so in advance that you often need to wait months to get your table. This is especially true if you are planning to get married on a weekend during high season (i.e. mid May to early October). So if you want to make sure to book your first choice of photographer, the earlier you act the better the chances you won't need to move down the scale of choices to find one that is available on your date.

How do we reserve our date?

To reserve a date we require a small retainer fee and the signing of the contract. Please get in touch to ask for a price quote and get the process going, if you haven't done so already. We are here to answer any questions and would love to hear from you!

We would like to meet before our date, how can we manage to?

Often times our clients come from abroad and we get to meet them only on the day of their wedding. Nevertheless, if time and schedules allow, we can arrange to meet in the days immediately before the wedding. Otherwise, we are very used to meeting with international clients via Skype. It's not like meeting in person, but it's the next best thing. Also, it's free, it can be done from the comfort of your home and at a time that is most convenient for everyone. We speak fluent English and have no problem in arranging a date and time that will be a good fit, taking into account work schedules and time zones. We are great fans of Skype, actually.

Do you always work in couple?

It depends: sometimes we work in couple, other times we work alone or with an assistant / junior photographer. This has to do with what is the best fit for the wedding, taking into account availability, budget, venue, coverage and any specific client's requests. There's really no 'one size fits all' for wedding photography: we've shot elopements with just the couple and the officiant as well as 200+ guests events in larger than life venues. What you can be sure of is that whatever the size and type of your event, we'll gear up so that your wedding pictures will be the best they can be.

How does it work on the wedding day?

Being documentary photographers, we usually offer to document the whole day, starting with getting readies and ending with whatever is scheduled to happen after the wedding reception (typically there will be a party, maybe an open bar and some dancing to a band or a DJ). Our photography is unobtrusive in that we strive to catch the things while they happen for real, so there will be no directions from us or posing people. This for 90% of the day. The remaining 10% is usually dedicated to group pictures (yes we like to photograph groupings, unless you specifically ask us not to) and to the bride and groom portrait session. Here we like to take control in order to get the pictures we need in a timely manner and keep the day flowing smoothly. Usually we make sure groupings are easy and largely informal, to make them pleasant and enjoyable for everyone involved. As for the bride and groom portrait session, we like to provide just enough direction to our subjects to make them feel totally comfortable in front of the camera, yet come out looking their best. Even if they never posed in their lives for a professional photographer.
Then, of course, your wedding might be nothing like we've just described, so we're always open to listen to our clients and what it is, that they require. In the end, regardless the logistics, the schedule or anything else that may impact the wedding, our work philosophy to grab the real moments through solid documentary photography is what makes our pictures happen in any setting that we're called to operate in.

How far can you travel?

Unless we have specific reasons not to (!), we're usually open to consider weddings in any venue, all over Italy or abroad.

Where are you based?

As the name 'Riviera Wedding Photographers' implies, we're both based on the Italian Riviera, in the Liguria region. Sandro is based in city of Genoa while Andrea is based in the coastal town of Varazze, just 40 km west of Genoa, towards the border with France. Given our position, we're very close to timeless venues such as Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, le Cinque Terre. We're also quite close to Florence and all the venues in Tuscany, as well as to the lakes region (i.e. Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda). The Langhe and Monferrato regions in Piedmont are also just a short drive away.

How long will it take to deliver our pictures?

Delivery usually takes place 6 to 8 weeks after the wedding.

How will you deliver our pictures?

Pictures are delivered as digital files via cloud service, through private galleries that you can access from any device connected to the internet. You can browse your wedding pictures online (and so can your friends and family living in the opposite side of the world, if you'd like to) and download them locally.
We also offer a selection of superb quality wedding albums, framed prints, wall prints or anything that strikes your fancy and will be happy to provide you with a quote. Often times though, foreign couples will mainly be interested in the digital files, if only for practical reasons.

How can we make sure that all our guests are photographed?

Simple answer: by organizing and taking group pictures. Outside of group shots, we cannot guarantee that we'll cover 100% of the guests taking part to the wedding, as our attention is focused on documenting the day, rather than on recording which guests are in the pictures and which are not. To this purpose we should spend a word of caution not to overdo the groupings thing: as going through a very long list of group shots can take a long time and potentially kill the flow of the day. It's just a matter of finding the right balance between number of groups and number of guests so that this part of the day won't take more than 20 - 30 minutes. Anything over that and it will probably be more that many guests like to bear.

Can we have all the pictures that you shoot?

In a word: no. But let us explain... For our way of working (documentary), we'll often take multiple shots of the same scene, as things develop and we stick to what is going on in front of our camera just to try to get a better picture. Documentary photography is often a matter of taking a picture, then trying to take a better picture of the same thing. For this reason, we may end up with 5, 6 or even more pictures of the same scene, all differing by small details and hopefully one will clearly be the better picture and better representing our original idea of the image we had in mind, when we first decided to trip the shutter. Which is the image we'll end up keeping, while flushing all the others. In the end, it's like the other pictures never really existed, so the clients have really nothing to worry about. All the pictures making the selection will be edited and finally delivered.

Do you personally edit your pictures?

Yes we do. We like to see the digital workflow in steps pretty much like it happened when we used to shoot film: camera, negative and print. A complete photograph had to go through 3 distinct creative processes that defined the way the final image appeared to the viewer. Same with digital: we shoot flat RAW files that can later be taken where we want them to via editing and, eventually, print. So digital post-production is an integral and vital part of the creative process, which determines the way our final photographs look and as such we do not intend to outsource it to external editing companies. Like many other wedding photographers do. Even if we receive at least 3 emails per week from editing companies from China, India, the US and other places offering their editing services for our photographs. It's something that we want to and will keep for ourselves.

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