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  • Andrea Bagnasco & Sandro Ariu are top wedding photographers based on the Italian Riviera

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Andrea Bagnasco


Andrea Bagnasco

Documentary Wedding Photographer

Andrea's work is internationally acclaimed

Ready to seize the moment and to catch the emotions as they unfold, Andrea has developed a style that gets the viewer close to the action, right in the middle of the event. Yet, he is known for being remarkably unobtrusive during the day, at times barely noticeable as he documents the wedding with his compact cameras, without using flash, wearing his elegant suit. If clients are so inclined, Andrea is happy to complement his documentary coverage with a bride & groom portrait session, as well as groupings with friends and family. Andrea is member and multi-award winner of Fearless Photographers, the Italian Association of Wedding Photographers (ANFM), the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP), the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), as well as Image Master for the DxO Image Science company.

You can learn more about Andrea and his style by visiting his website:

Sandro Ariu


Sandro Ariu

Wedding Photography from the Heart

Sandro has pioneered unposed wedding photography before it became a big thing

Discreet, confidential and sensitive are the words that best represent Sandro Ariu's style and the way he interprets wedding photography, where a photo is not just a nice accomplishment for the eyes, but should also recall an emotional response in the viewer. Sandro's decades long career has seen him shoot high fashion for Vogue España, reportage for several print media, sports and theater photography. Sandro is also an active mentor, giving photography classes at all levels through his workshops both in Italy and abroad. He is qualified as Quality Italian Photographer (QIP), Quality European Photographer (QEP) and received the Honorable Mention by Italy’s Tauvisual. Sandro is member of the Italian Association of Wedding Photographers (ANFM)

You can learn more about Sandro and his style by visiting his website:

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